When you take part in our exercise rehabilitation, rest assured you are in the hands of a professional. With over 10 years experience as a Level 4 Accelerated Rehab Specialist, he has worked in the rehabilitation centre at Headley Court treating both major and minor injuries, from ankle sprains, shoulder and back injuries to broken limbs.

Getting You Back to Fitness

Rehabilitation should take place as soon as possible post the inflamation phase which is normally 72 hours and should be conducted "pain free". Pain is usually the body's way of saying 'something is wrong' and can have a negative impact if ignored.

The aim of a rehabilitation programme is to re-gain pre-injury levels of all aspects of physical fitness. Exercise rehabilitation is just as important as treatment after injury but is often overlooked by some clinicians. Whether you sustained your injury at work, playing sport, or through day-to-day wear and tear, we aim to shorten your recovery time and get you back to full fitness by addressing:

Range of Movement * Strength * Endurance * Power

£40 Per Session

£350 For 10 sessions (Monthly members receive discount)


Tailored Programme

Our rehabilitation includes a series of prescribed exercises specific to your injury that you will be able to complete. We will take you through your injury step-by-step to enhance your understanding and develop an exercise programme unique to you.

Contact us now to aid your injury recovery with our exercise rehabilitation.